Michael Fishbach, Co-Founder/Executive Director

medium_michael-croppedFor the past 23 years Michael has been actively involved in field research and conservation work on Blue and other Great Whales. He is about to spend his 20th season of fieldwork on the large whales of the Sea of Cortez this winter. Michael’s passion is connecting the scientific and conservation communities and forging actions that minimize human impacts which are detrimental to the world’s Great Whales. His efforts for the GWC revolve around live educational presentations, bringing issues like the “Whale Pump” and Ship Strikes into the public domain, funding, and helping the public to gain more awareness of Great Whales and their current plight. Michael regularly attends the GWC’s MZ Blue – Whale inflations, attends conferences, speaks with the media and friends of GWC. Michael was formerly one of the top 50 tennis players in the world and spent 10 years competing on the Men’s Professional ATP Tennis Tour, all over the world.

Lenard Milich, Scientific Advisor

lenard_croppedLenard Milich studied under the world-renowned cetacean researcher, Dr. Ken Norris, at the University of California, Santa Cruz. His first direct exposure to the great whales was when he participated in the dissection of an adult female blue whale, washed up just north of that city. He became a team member on Project Circe in California, a scientific experiment to encourage captive bottlenose dolphins to have control of their environment. While he transitioned to earning a Bachelor’s in Meteorology, a Masters in Forestry & Environmental Studies, and a Doctorate in Arid Lands Resource Sciences, he never lost his interest in cetaceans. After a career in food security and household livelihoods with the United Nations, he is particularly concerned about the declining health of the world’s oceans and the impact of this on poor families dependent on marine productivity.