Act Now!

The Great Whales need our help NOW! Every year from July through October, blue whales feed off the coast of California, and their feeding areas are bisected by the shipping lanes of enormous, fast-moving vessels. We must get these shipping lanes moved out of the whales’ critical habitat to reduce the chances of whale-ship collisions. With your help, we can protect these incredible beings from disaster.

Here's how you can help!


We'll help educate you, and you can help educate us! Check our website often to keep up with news and information about the challenges and threats faced by the Great Whales, solutions as they are identified, developed and implemented, and ways that you can become involved on the Great Whales'' behalf. There are new postings several times each week throughout this site.

Set your search engine to alert you about stories that include key words like “whales,” “blue whale,” and “ship strikes.” Contact us if you learn of a stranding or strike in your area, or if you hear about other activities that are harming or could harm whales and dolphins.

Put us in touch with your local school officials so we can arrange to visit schools in your area. Our presentations, which cover the biology of marine mammals and the political issues they face, are adaptable for kids from elementary school through high school. Depending on your location and our schedule, we may also be able to bring Miz Blue to your community! Our children must understand whales and the problems they face if they are to continue the work needed to keep these wonderful beings alive and well for generations to come. While in your area, we will schedule public presentations and meet with local organizations as well.


Write letters, make phone calls, and send emails to get the message out to your elected officials that we all have a responsibility to act on behalf of the whales, and we need their help! If you are interested in hosting a rally or demonstration, contact us and we will help you plan and publicize your event. Whenever possible we will participate with you. If we can get even a fraction of the millions of people who love whales to speak out on their behalf, we can assure their protection.

Coming soon, our Issues Summary page will describe the major ongoing threats and campaigns around the world and will list bullet points to assist you in generating comments to those whose decisions can make a difference. At our Names and Numbers page you will find contact information for the state and federal administration staff you need to reach. And on the Important Dates page we'll keep you informed about whale-related activities and events around the world that require our comments and participation.


Share your thoughts, concerns, and ideas with your friends and family. Post comments, articles, and important links on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. Share websites and links that will help us to win a critical mass of support. The Great Whales need the collective determination of millions of people to sustain and grow their populations, and we can’t cooperate on their behalf without communicating!


GWC is a nonprofit organization and our staff and volunteers cannot work on the Great Whales' behalf without your support. We don’t maintain expensive offices, we don't buy thank-you gifts for our members (shipped from China on cargo vessels that strike whales!), and we spend as little as necessary on administration. Your donations allow us to travel to communities around the country, work in the schools, maintain our website and other conduits for outreach and advocacy, and attend important meetings, hearings and demonstrations where the Great Whales need our voice.

Monetary donations are certainly needed, but we have also received many invaluable contributions of expertise, goods, and services: artwork, graphic design assistance, legal council, video production, musical scores, auction items…there are ways in which everyone can help!

Watch for our Miz Blue’s Friends profile page, where we'll be honoring the folks who are helping us make a difference for the Great Whales in their own way, every day.

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