Oppose Iceland’s Finback Whale Hunt

GWC asks for your immediate support (by signing the letter below) to oppose the Iceland-based finback hunt that has already resulted in the deaths of 72 finback whales in the past two months.  The whale meat was destined for Japan, but was recently returned to Iceland by European ports.  Several major shippers have refused to carry the finback meat, however, the Iceland-based whaling corporation continues to slaughter more endangered finback whales for human consumption and “gourmet dog treats.”  The so-called “scientific purpose” behind the hunt is a ruse; they want to determine how many whales are present in nearby waters to try and justify continuing the hunt into the future.  A very recent article in an Icelandic newspaper described their interest in commencing a hunt for humpbacks as well!

We need to send a message to Iceland that the world doesn’t want them killing whales, and we’re ready to back up that demand by refusing to buy Icelandic goods or traveling to Iceland as a tourist.  Your message needs to go to the Obama administration to encourage the application of trade sanctions against Iceland until the hunt is stopped.

The letter will be sent to:

Sally Jewell
Secretary of the U.S Department of the Interior


U.S. Department of the Interior
Washington, D.C.

Dear Secretary Jewell,

A businessman in Iceland has recently resumed his company’s commercial harvest of endangered finback whales, with the support of the Icelandic government.  More than 30 finback whales have been killed in the past few weeks and that number is expected to approach 200 before the hunt is over. 

Most of the world condemns this hunt.  EU nations are discussing the implementation of permanent barriers against the importation of whale meat, even as a “pass through” by cargo vessels visiting European ports on their way to Asia.

Diplomatic sanctions imposed by the U.S. to date have been ignored by the Icelandic government.  We urge you to move quickly to increase the Administration’s response, and impose economic sanctions on companies that trade with the Icelandic whaling industry.
Thank you for helping to end the needless slaughter of these beautiful, intelligent, beings.

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