Dinah Nieburg

Board of Directors

Dinah Nieburg is an executive coach and clinical psychologist whose work focuses on helping people fulfill their potential and be guided by a larger sense of purpose. She is also passionate about protecting endangered wildlife and has volunteered in fundraising efforts for whales, elephants, and bonobos over the past five years. As an executive coach for the last 13 years, she has worked with hundreds of UN managers all over the world, including those working in the most challenging environments. Dinah was a manager and leader within the International Monetary Fund for 15 years where she led a multicultural team in developing and delivering career development, management development and training programs. As a psychologist and child development specialist, Dinah has 15 years of experience providing therapy for young children and families to help relieve emotional pain and restore a developmental trajectory that is hopeful and generative in nature. Dinah has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology; an M.S. in Human Resource Development; and a B.A. in Economics.

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