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Baja 2016 – Week 1

Baja 2016 got off to a roaring start this week. It also had quite the climatic end courtesy of a very active Humpback whale.

Our international group hailed from South Carolina, Florida, the United Kingdom and Brazil.

The waters are warmer than usual in this El Nino year and the high food production in the Sea of Cortez is clearly already here.

Bonaparte’s Gulls and Manta Rays were seen feeding near to the Blue whales this week. 7 Blue whales were seen, and most of them on more than one day. The surprise factor so far has been the Humpback whales. They are quite numerous and have put on quite a show already, befriending our small boat and putting on spectacular breaching displays. The dolphins are here but their numbers are not quite as high as usual.

The seabird numbers are down. Sea turtles have been numerous, and the rays are jumping a lot so far this season.

Our new accommodations in Nopolo are very nice, we even have a heated swimming pool literally right out the door.

We have reunited with our loyal captain Alberto and it is great to see and work with him again.

Our good friend Tony Wu is here with a group to see the Gray whales. It is great to see Tony and we may get him aboard a bit next week.

I am anxious to travel a bit further afield. The winds have not yet allowed us very long expeditions where we can really look around and see what is here in our whole working area. That is due to change as the winds are predicted to calm down in week 2.

The attached images are yours to enjoy from our first week in this, our 20th season down on the Sea of Cortez!

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