Laura U - Valentine's for Valentina

Laura U - Valentine's for Valentina


Valentine's for Valentina are digital download valentines made for you to print or email to your loved ones.


In purchasing a valentine from us the mejority of your money goes directley toward helping the whales, a small percent goes to each artist who generously donated there art to this cause.


Thank You for Protecting the World's Great Whales and Their Habitat.

Great whales are the largest animals the planet has ever known. Whale watching is a major global industry. Additionally, great whales enhance the ocean's ability to mitigate the effects of global climate change. After being depleted by the tragic era of whaling, unintentional deaths due to vessel strikes and entanglement in fishing nets have greatly hindered their global recovery. 

Great Whale Conservancy is a nonprofit dedicated to protecting the world's great whales with an emphasis on the endangered blue whale. They currently focus on stopping unintentional ship strikes on the great whales by educating the primary industry stakeholders as well as the public and forging collaborations that will enable large vessels to transit the world's seas in a whale-safe manner. 

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    Laura U is located in Finland. Please support her work by following her on Instagram @by.laurau


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