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Delphi grew up spending much of her life on a research boat and has been professionally observing whale and dolphin behavior for the past 6 years in the Sea of Cortez where she has developed a deep knowledge of these extraordinary animals. Over the past 6 years, she has served as a co-host to countless citizen scientists at the GWC's Baja field stations as well as assisting the head of research in hundreds of hours of field work. 


In addition to her intimate understanding and love for cetaceans, Delphi brings her expertise in photography, graphic design, video production and social media management to the GWC. Aside from her work as part of the GWC core team, Delphi designs websites and acts as a professional photographer and head of brand design for small businesses, public figures and non-profits.

As a seasoned drone photographer and video producer, she recently captured footage illustrating a scientific discovery of extraordinary undocumented cetacean feeding behaviors as well as images used in books and scientific publications. Delphi's videography has appeared in many GWC productions. Her footage will debut in an upcoming full length film. 


Delphi is a talented visual storyteller who is well versed in Photoshop, Lightroom, Premier Pro among many other programs.  Additionally, she assists the GWC Executive Director with strategic decision making, team building and brand management.

Delphi Waters

Director of Media
Brand Design
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