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Baja Blog 2014 – Week 6

Well it is official. The humpback whales have taken over the waters around Loreto. We have never even remotely seen as many humpbacks as we are now seeing, and the dolphin numbers are also about as high as we have ever seen here. We just ended a long streak. It had been almost 10 full years since a group came here to spend a week with us and not seen even one blue whale. But the blue whales are gone early this year and we did not see one this week.

Week 6 was full of fair winds and long days at sea. Humpbacks, logging in pairs, breaching high in the air, and even twisting their bodies to shake seaweed off the fluke and head were all observed. Humpbacks feeding among hundreds of dolphins were also observed. We saw a cow/calf brydes whale pair this week as well as a rare sighting of a pair of dwarf sperm whales. We lunched inside a towering sea cave at the base of massive Pt. Pulpito. We are starting to see quite a few sea turtles on the water and also more and more sharks. One of them jumped a full 6-8 feet into the air right in front of us this week. The sea lions provided entertainment for one and all.

We miss the blue whales, love the humpbacks and now know what a special place this is even without our true friends the massive blue whales. There is but one more week to go for us this season. Please stay tuned and we will give a full report next week which will be followed by the seasons summary report afterwards. The big question remaining is will we actually identify more humpbacks this year than blue whales. It is going to be quite close.

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