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Baja Blog 2015 – Week 2

What do you get when you throw a wonderfully wild and wacky group of people together with a bunch of ctenophores and blue whales?

Well we sure found out on an absolutely wonderful week 2 of this 2015 season. Fun and laughs did not cease throughout the week and the whales and dolphins were prolific. Winds were fair and the sea was covered in plankton and those globular and parachute like life forms that are called ctenophores. Manta rays patrolled the islands in formations of 50 or more which we were all amazed to see. Old known blue whales plied the waters and both social pairings and surface feeding were seen. Dolphins were happy to bow ride and jump and we even saw a lovely tern perched atop an old sea turtle.

We heard things like “Roger you have dropped your biscuit right on top of the head of that poor little ctenphore.” We marveled in seeing blue whales right next to the panga and after long hours at sea we returned to Heather and Delphi’s fantastic meals.

This saying was even heard about the day we had on Friday the 20th.” That was the best day of my life”.

Truly it was an honor to be a part of this group and this week.

Blue whale numbers are fairly high and humpback numbers are nowhere near as high as they were last year. Dolphin numbers seem about average this year so far, as do fin whale numbers.

Stay tuned for the story of week 3 next Sunday.

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