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Baja Blog 2015 – Week 6

The beginning of week 6 saw a massive change on the sea here. Our first day of the week was spectacular by any standards but it yielded only one shy evasive blue whale. We did see more Pilot Whales, zillions of dolphins and an uncountable number of manta rays. They patrolled in huge formations, leapt form the water over and over and dazzled everyone with their shear abundance. But it could have been the lunge feeding humpback whale that stole the show on this epic day. As the light faded but still hugged the mountain peaks this whale lunged multiple times and once had it’s mouth completely wide open as it lunged. I have never before in these waters seen a humpback feed in this manner. With the backdrop of Baja in all it’s glory it was an unforgettable sight for everyone aboard and it was captured on film.

That elusive blue whale on day one was to be the only one we saw all week. They simply vanished overnight!  They were here in such vast numbers and then as if a switch was turned they were gone. Brydes whales took their place and were seen many times, but although we went everywhere we could think of we could not find another blue whale.

The amazing blue whale-filled season of 2015 here in Loreto is for certain over. We may yet find one or two more migrating south as they exit the sea of Cortez if the winds allow us to get far enough offshore, but the masses are gone.

Our group form New Jersey and Hawaii got to see a lot of beaches, snorkel more than any other group this year, see more dolphins than any group this year and get dazzled one more day by the throngs of mantas. One and all had a great week.

We now head into our semi down time, our last week where the late season waters are warmer now. It is a time when the desert begins to bloom, the Palo Verde trees are turning golden and the desert floor is filling up with desert poppies.

We will see what the waters will have in store for this last week. Stay tuned for our last blog of the season next Sunday.

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Kyla C
Kyla C
25 de set. de 2022

Nice post thanks foor sharing

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