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BAJA CALIFORNIA 2013 Update #1

Feb. 12 – Loreto 

We have arrived for our 18th season here in Loreto.  After Loreto experienced  a very wet winter and very windy January we arrived on February 6th to a lovely calm and quite warm day.  Our first shock came at hiking up in our favorite wet canyon in the local mountains and seeing our favorite emerald green pool with a double fern lined waterfall in it COMPLETELY gone.

This past winter’s once in a century rains filled the pool up with so much earth and rock that the 12 foot deep pool is simply gone!!  We were beyond shocked.

Then it was back out onto the beloved Sea of Cortez and within 15 minutes of departing the marina we began our blue whale season by finding a cow/calf pair.  What a joy to start the season seeing a mother and her baby, and being able to document a new blue whale life!  The mother had a lot of peeling skin and a very clear M on the side of her body.  Quite a cooincidence and we will attach a picture of her and the M.  It is so nice to see the blue whales are back once again.

Day two was a nice one with 2 blue whales that both fluked when diving, some great dolphin sightings and one special moment when a dolphin leaped high just in front of the boat and landed with a huge splash that completely soaked us all. After a few screams of wet delight camera’s were dried and all was OK. We went to a lovely beach on Isla Carmen and headed back to Loreto.

Today is windy and everyone save me went over to Magdalena Bay to see the Gray Whales in their friendly nursery confines.

The attached images are the first of many to come as we plan on having as many weekly updates this year as possible.  Stay tuned.

Michael Fishbach

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