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Baja California – Week 2 Report

We now are really into our blue whale season.  3 calm days in a row produced close to 25 blue whale sightings.  Whale friends we have known for close to 20 years showed up, old blue whales that seem to greatly favor the winter waters around loreto.  We had two different breaching humpback whales, as well as one day with well over a thousand bottlenose dolphins, many of which seemed to enjoy spending time near to the heads of various blue whales.  We spotted a young fin whale and a young brydes whale.  A highlight was seeing the ever present cow and calf blue whale speed swimming and porpoising in tandem for almost 10 minutes.  This cow calf pair have been sighted now on 3 different days and have travelled about 30 miles from where they were first sighted. We had a great visit to some seaside hot springs plus a gorgeous hike into wet tabor canyon where we marvelled at both the changes caused by last years rains and found petroglyphs we had never seen before.  We also saw one tarantula and a male costa’s hummingbird bathing in the mountain stream in tabor canyon.

Finally we have had 2 visits to the gray whale lagoon of magdalena bay.  On both occasions everyone aboard touched or petted a gray whale.  The first trip led to a you tube video and an appearance (on film not in person) of both Heather and Galen on Good Morning America. 

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