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Baja California – Week 5 Report

The season is now winding down with one week left.  Blue whales continue to steal the show, being present the whole season in good numbers.  Old friends such as White Eyes and Nubbin have spent over a full month here, being observed on many days.

Dolphin shows have been exceptional. We’ve seen huge numbers of bottlenose dolphins, and recently a pod of over 1000 common dolphins with diving, blue-footed and brown boobies all attacking a huge school of fish.

We have seen a good number of humpbacks and our second cow/calf blue whale pair of the season.  The calf gave us the show of the year, as it rolled up in front of the boat and stared at us in flat calm seas.  I got an underwater video of it!  Perhaps it was the calf’s first close encounter with humans?

Cherished old and new friends have been part of our groups. Last week, scientific presentations were given throughout the week and we alternated days on the water with deep learning (thanks to Zack Klyver and Sean Todd.) Everyone found it very rewarding.

We saw 3 dwarf sperm whales in one day, and followed (for about a minute or so) a mysterious pair of small cetaceans we believe could have been rare beaked whales. Then soon vanished.

The winds are more southerly now, temperatures have warmed, and the season has clearly changed.  Loreto’s mango trees are ablaze with flowers and the first fruits are developing.  Cardon cactus blooms are just starting to erupt in the desert.

Stay tuned for our season ending blog, and as always, enjoy the attached images.

Michael Fishbach

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