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From marine biologists to the world of finance

From marine biologists to the world of finance – audiences around the globe are eager to hear about a new framework for valuing carbon sequestration by whales. Click here to read abstract.

Ralph Chami is an Assistant Director at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) but recently he has been making the rounds talking about an unlikely topic – how can you value the contribution and benefit whales provide to ensuring a healthy ocean and planet? Ralph is also an Advisor to the Great Whale Conservancy (GWC) and he became interested in this question on a trip to see the great whales in Baja, Mexico.

From London, England to Victoria, Canada, to Geneva, Switzerland, audiences from around the world and from the diverse worlds of conservation, finance, and labor economics, are eager to hear about the approach developed by Ralph’s team of economists. Traveling to London in July, Ralph’s presentation on “A framework for evaluating carbon sequestration: The earth-tech approach starting with cetaceans” was met with great interest by an audience of over 200 delegates from around the UK and beyond, representing governments, NGOs, academia and industry. The conference organizer, Roger Proudfoot, Chair of the UK Healthy Biologically Diverse Seas Evidence Group, hopes this event “is the start of work in the UK, and hopefully with our European partners too, to build a network of those with an interest in restoring our marine environment.”

More recently, at the end of August Ralph traveled to Victoria, Canada to address a more familiar crowd – economists and finance professionals attending the International Workshop on Financial System Architecture and Stability. Again his work offered the audience a new mindset – how to connect the growing imperative to value and protect our natural resources with the tools and language of finance and public policy.

At GWC, we are excited and grateful to be working with Ralph and his team to bring the economic benefit of saving whales to industry and governments.

Ralph will be presenting his work next at the International Labor Organization in Geneva, Switzerland in late September.

You can read Ralph’s paper online starting September 16, 2019 at

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