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Richard W. Hughes

Board of Directors

Richard W. Hughes is a partner in the Santa Fe, New Mexico, law firm of Rothstein Donatelli LLP. 


A graduate of the University of Virginia and the Yale Law School, he spent the first 9 years of his legal career as a legal services lawyer on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona and New Mexico, before entering private practice.


His practice since then has centered on the representation of Indian tribes and groups, primarily in New Mexico, in a variety of areas, including water rights, land claims, gaming, natural resource development, economic development, jurisdiction, the federal trust responsibility, and others.


He has been an ardent hiker, biker, river-runner, and bird-watcher, and since a 2018 trip to spend on week on GWC Executive Director's research boat in Mexico, he has made great whales an additional focus of his attention and activity.

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