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Only 400 right whales left – help us protect them from ship strikes and entanglements

GWC is committed to continue to fight to protect the highly endangered North Atlantic right whales from ship strikes and entanglements. The population has been reduced to only 400 individuals and of great alarm is that there are only 100 breeding females left.

A nine-year-old male right whale lies dead on a beach on Miscou Island in New Brunswick after being towed on to the shore the night before on 7 June 2019. Photograph: Nathan Klima/Boston Globe/Getty Images

It is only by separating ships from areas where the right whales are feeding that we can reduce further deaths. We also support the development and use of rope-less gear to avoid further entanglements.

Your donations go towards creating maps to show where whales are most at risk and joining advocacy campaigns to press for changes in fishing gear and shipping routes.

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