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Whale Guardians x Transpetro Trailer

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Whale Guardians x Transpetro Trailer - Full Video Coming Soon!

On August 5, 2022 the Whale Guardians Team along with our partners at Baleia Jubarte & Baleia a Vista delivered a detailed proposal to the managers of the large oil terminal at the Port of Sao Sebastiao in Brazil. This proposal will guide the ships entering and exiting this important port so as to avoid the most heavily used Humpback, Southern Right, and Bryde's whale habitat in a manner that has a very minimal addition in the time and distance any individual ship transit takes. The team at Trans Petro openly accepted our proposal and placed the receipt of this proposal on the historical timeline at the entrance of this large port terminal. The Trans Petro team then gave us a full tour of the terminal and we celebrated this wonderful achievement together. It was a glorious day in which both sides seemed as excited as the other to be able to protect the whales while they are in these busy local waters! The Whale Guardians Team is currently in the process of repeating this effort in three other port regions on the Central Brazilian Coast, as well as many other locations across the globe!

Portuguese version coming soon!

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Whale drone footage by - Marcos Cara from Projeto Baleia a Vista

Other whale footage by - Michael Fishbach

Video by shot and produced by - Delphi Waters

Category Whales & Marine Conservation

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