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About Whale Guardians

Who we are:

The Great Whale Conservancy is forming a league of Whale Guardians. Ship strikes on whales that are resting or feeding near the ocean’s surface, particularly at night when their prey rises, are a leading cause of non-age related mortality among the great whales. Strikes also occur as whales cross paths with ships during their migration or at nursery locales. One way to markedly reduce these strikes is to enact the designation of “whale guardians” - ports, industry and retail dedicated to adopting practices to preserve the lives of the great whales, which can be implemented quickly once a decision to attain this status is made.

What we do:

The GWC is advocating for ports, industry and retail to join this movement on a voluntary basis by issuing approach and departure routing advisories that, while placing vessel safety first, absorb real-time data from local biologists and observers to formulate guidelines that are forwarded to vessels as part of their arrival and departure communications package. The authorities of these entities are  tasked to minimize additional time and distance impositions for transiting vessels, thus reducing the financial costs to the shipping industry. In collaboration with GWC each port draws up its own proposals and written guidelines that also include recommended vectors; accompanied by maps, mariners would use this information to avoid collisions with whales.

Why we do it:

The GWC proposes this designation as a win-win proposition that keeps industry considerations firmly in the forefront of our Whale guardians program. 

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