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Our Mission

The Great Whale Conservancy protects the world's great whales and their habitat, with a special emphasis on the globally endangered Blue Whale.

Our Primary Objective

Many commcerial shipping lanes directly overlap critical habitat for endangered large whales. The whales have no choice but to feed where they can find sufficient prey: the ships can and must move to safer waters.

Ship strikes (collisions) may be the most serious threat the great whales face today. The Great Whale Conservancy advocates for increasing the separation between ships and whales because it is the surest way to protect the lives of these magnificent beings.

Latest News

6/29: Blue Whales Hunted to 2% of Their Population

Here is a short video that highlights the blue whale and the GWC's mission to help save it! Jane Goodall appears in the video along with others, including the GWC's Michael Fishbach. This is a moving piece backed up by the wonderful music of David Darling, which includes one track from his upcoming new album "Laughing at the Moon".

5/4: Scientists Demonstrate Why Blue Whales Might Fail to Avoid Ship Collisions

A recently published paper in Endangered Species Research (Vol. 27: 219-232, 2015) may answer the question of why blue whales seem to be less capable of avoiding ships than their peers. read more (and then link to the original post above and the link to the article. [link 1] [link 2]

Entanglements and Plastic Pollution

Every year, thousands of marine mammals drown in abandoned fishing gear and are killed by plastic debris.

Watch GWC's Michael Fishbach save a humpback from entanglement!

Recent Blog Posts

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03/22/2015 - 14:36 Baja Blog 2015 - Week 6

GWC Issues

Great Whales Fight Climate Change?

GWC launches new research/education effort to demonstrate role whales play in lowering COin the atmosphere. Read more...

Ship Strikes - Video and Online Petition Now Live

Endangered blue whales and other Great Whales are being killed by collisions with ships while feeding along the California coast. Help us move the shipping lanes!

Events & News

GWC Launches Campaign to Create Baby Blue

GWC has just launched an Indiegogo (crowd-source funding) campaign to raise the money needed to create an inflatable baby blue whale. Baby Blue will join forces with Mz Blue (see photo) to raise awareness around the country about protecting blue whales from ship strikes. Please check out our Indiegogo page at and share this link through all of your social media connections! Thanks!

New Study Shows Sri Lanka's Blue Whales are in Great Danger

Ship Strikes to individuals pose danger, immediate action needed!

Video of the Week

Video of the Week:

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Whale Fin Fans: Notes from Our Friends

Long time whale defender Joey Racano (the “Weapon of Mass Discussion") wrote this poem to help us create our next inflatable whale, Baby Blue!

Introducing Baby Blue

She was born with a pouch made of course baleen
Cutest little baby you have ever seen
Mom picked her up by her little blue buns
(It was easy- her mom weighed 150 tonnes!)

She took her first breath and they named her blue
And gave her a job, there was work to do
A diplomatic whale child star was born
(Little Baby Blue was a Capricorn)

You may already know about her mom, Mz Blue
Well, she just had a baby who won't fit in a shoe
As soon as she is ready they'll begin to travel
Both have sworn not to let the world unravel

Come visit Mz Blue at this year's 'Thank You Whales'
On Avila Beach, bring your shovel and pails
Give three cheers for our newest whale
Little Baby Blue is about to sail!

- jr

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