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Please see this article to learn more about our effort to double Global Blue Whale Populations.
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GWC asked to raise funds to replace lost gear for the National Park in Loreto.

$700 urgently needed! Please donate now and earmark your donation to
disentanglement gear for Baja California.

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Blue Whales: hunted down to 2% of their population

We invite you to lose yourself in the reality of the beauty of our planet.
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Saving Valentina

Michael Fishbach narrates his encounter with a humpback whale entangled in a fishing net. Saving Valentina on ABC’s 20/20.
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Blue Majesty

Follow Humpback, Blue and Short Finned Pilot whales from above and below in the Gulf of California!
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The Great Whale Conservancy

Great Whale Conservancy in The Marine Biologist, UK

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Orca Killed by Satellite Tag Leads to Criticism of Science Practices

Orca Killed by Satellite Tag Leads to Criticism of Science Practices

The death of a rare killer whale in the Pacific Northwest has been linked to a tagging effort, causing an outcry and re-evaluation… Read it on Flipboard Read it on GREAT WHALE CONSERVANCY (GWC) STATEMENT ON THE DEATH OF ORCA L95 CAUSED BY A NOAA IMPLANT TAG, AND THE […]

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Is it a blowbow, a spoutbow or a rainbow blow from this humpbacks

Finally Some Breaches, Whale Rainbows, and some New Blues

Our week 6 guests hailed from Colorado, New York, New Mexico and California. As has happened for most of this season the week began with wind. But things calmed down and as the images will show everyone was treated to yet another grand show. We had ample blue whales including […]

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The mesmerizing sight of a blue whale dropping a waterfall during a fluke up dive

Friendly Gray Whales, Thresher Sharks, And Finally Some Krill

Our week 5 guests hailed from: New Mexico, North Carolina and right here in Baja California The week began with high winds. On day 2 we went to the famed gray whale lagoon of Magdalena Bay, and met the friendliest of mother and calf whales. We all watched in awe […]

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