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Why GWC ?

The world’s great whales face more serious threats today than at any time in the last 100 years from ship collisions, habitat destruction, fishing gear, chemical contamination, plastics, impacts on sonar communication, challenges to navigation, and increased hunting. If these magnificent animals are going to survive, they will need people to speak and work on their behalf. The Great Whale Conservancy was launched in 2010 to meet that need.

Our Mission

The Great Whale Conservancy focuses on protecting the world’s great whales and their habitat and returning global populations to their pre-whaling abundance, with a special emphasis on the blue whale.

Our Goal

To double blue whale numbers by 2050 by significantly reducing ship strikes with a primary focus on the Southern Oceans where the greatest number of blue whales lived prior to the tragic era of industrialized whaling.

Our Vision

A world where many millions of great whales have returned to the seas, allowed to play their vital and irreplaceable ecosystem role in promoting abundant marine life, healthy oceans, and thriving coastal communities.

Blue Whale by Delphi Waters
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