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Michael Barbaix


Michael S. Barbaix

Board of Advisors

Captain Michael S. Barbaix is a Master Mariner onboard so-called supertankers (VLCC = Very Large Crude Carriers). Michael started his seafaring career at the age of 17 when he got accepted at the Antwerp Maritime Academy (Belgium). He graduated Magna Cum Laude as a Master in the Nautical Sciences in 2006 after which he immediately went to sea pursuing his childhood dream of becoming a ship's captain. His father had been a seaman and ever since Michael was a small kid, it was all boats and water that attracted him.

He ran through the lower ranks and was promoted to Chief Officer in 2011. He served onboard traditional square-rigged sailing vessels and ocean-going supertankers. In 2017, Michael was finally promoted to Master Mariner and took command of his first vessel. 

His seamansbook counts more than 40 ocean-going trips all over the world, Michael has sailed in all the world's oceans and has circumnavigated the globe multiple times. He has passed the famous Cape of Good Hope 16 times as of November 2020. He is known among the multinational crew who served under his command as an excellent coach and true leader. 


Michael is exploring options in how he can return to the ocean what the ocean gave to him. He has a deep respect for the incredible environment he spent so much time in over the past two decades. Michael has seen first-hand how the plastic pollution wave entered the marine environment and has witnessed conspicuous fishing fleets without AIS wandering in the international waters. These observations raised his concern and commitment into ensuring healthy oceans for the generations to come. Michael is passionate about the GWC and wants to make his nautical & maritime expertise available to the organization. 

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