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Lindsay Crouse

Lindsay Crouse

Board Member

Lindsay Crouse is best known internationally as an award-winning actress in film, television and theater, a career that has spanned fifty years.  


For the past twenty five years she has studied and taught Tibetan Buddhism and helped to found Buddhist centers on the East and West coasts.  


A lifetime advocate for the environment, she currently works on a committee for a movement known as Cathedral On Fire, part of a worldwide consortium of churches who are “on fire” to protect the earth and its atmosphere, and to clean the oceans.  


Living in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Lindsay grew up sailing in Ipswich Bay.  Over the years she witnessed devastating changes in the water, the marshes and the sea life in the surrounding area.  Historically, Cape Ann has been famous for the abundance of whales in its surrounding waters, but each summer fewer were returning.  Concern for their survival led her to attend a talk by Michael Fishbach, and eventually to accompany him on a trip to the Sea of Cortez.  She is now a lifelong supporter of the work of The Great Whale Conservancy.  

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