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Baja 2016 Blog Week 5


We finally hit a pretty big Blue whale day with a dozen individuals seen one fine day.

Winds are mostly fair and we are on the sea almost every day now.

Many of the same Blue whales have been here throughout the whole season and are by now instantly recognized. One is named hook for it’s huge dorsal fin and “Hook” seems at times to be following us. Almost every day there is “Hook” But some newcomers have arrived as well which adds so much to our encounters.

It is truly shocking how low the seabird numbers are compared to business as usual here.

The red phytoplankton blooms that covered vast areas of the sea for all of February are now completely gone, leaving us to wonder at how such vastness can be assimilated.

We still have not seen a Blue whale calf although we seem to see a Fin whale cow and calf pair every day now, that being one of the 3 Fin whale pairs documented this season.

Mobula Rays have returned in spectacular numbers.

We will attempt to strike out tot he north and the east in the coming days.

We had a lovely Humpback breaching display at weeks end for the 3rd time in our first 5 weeks this year.

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