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Baja 2017 Blog Week 3


Week 3 guests from England, Virginia, North Carolina and Washington DC met with both excitement at sea and a lot of wind. Day one began with a bang as we encountered 2 female orcas. It was everyone on boards first time ever seeing wild orcas. The energy of seeing orcas out here is high and these females did not disappoint. The made passes right by the bow of our boat as they traveled south in a stiff wind.

ID pictures were obtained and the week moved on. We had a weather switch on day 3 as a predicted north wind day turned into a fair weather day. We filled it with surface feeding Blue whales and the show was fabulous. Dolphins and birds remain low but large whale numbers are high. Many from the Great Whale Conservancy team were present in week 3 and we had ideas percolating during our many discussions.

We now move into our mid season and it feels like the only thing that stands between great days at sea can be the wind. The local waters are alive, full of krill and the whales are feeding on the sub-tropical bounty that makes this place so special. Stay tuned for next weeks blog which is sure to be a good one, and hopefully will arrive on time this coming Sunday.

Michael Fishbach

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