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Baja Blog 2015 – Week 7

Question – What does one do and what does one see in the Sea of Cortez and when the blue whales are gone?


  • Hike to some of the most stunning fresh water swimming holes on earth.

  • See pods of dolphins playing on the bow with countless babies in tow.

  • Frolic and swim with an easy going whale shark.

  • Be dazzled by pods of more than 500 eagle rays swimming in huge patrols.

  • Follow a mother and her baby humpback whale pair around Isla Coronado.

  • Collect salt on Isla Carmen and swim in a salt lake that keeps one aloft without effort.

  • Watch a Bryde’s Whale calf twist and turn just in front of the boat as its mother swims alongside.

  • See the dolphins’ jumping show of the year courtesy of the Loreto Bottlenose Dolphins.

These are the simple things that week 7 brought with it. The waters are not whale filled any longer but with careful searching some whales can still be found. That being said, this place dazzles us still. It makes us all scream in awe as a whale shark eases next to us. It constantly offers up more and more places to swim in both fresh and salt water. It tires us with its harsh sun and then soothes us with water, and this sea never ever stops surprising us.

Our time here is done, our humpback count went up a bit with that cow/calf pair and it is time to head home now.

I’ll post a season ending blog in the coming weeks with some final thoughts and statistics.

But I will say that 2015 was one of the most extraordinary of all the 19 seasons I’ve spent down this way.

Thank you all for your continued interest in what we do.

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