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Gray whale excursion to Magdalena Bay

Our week 6 guests hailed from Texas, Hong Kong, and North Carolina

Our days on the Sea of Cortez this week were remarkably similar to each other, and the diversity of experience for the week came also from our days off the sea. We had grand and diverse land excursions, including to the organic ranches and fabulous house at Bahia San Basilio (see image below)! This combined with the gray whale excursion to Magdalena Bay and our blue, fin, and humpback whale sightings on the sea made for a stellar week. We also had the bait ball of the year, with incredible numbers of pelicans and other birds diving on a massive ball of fish, with of course the ever-present common dolphins in the mix as well.

There were ample whales every day at sea including blue whales, however, each day the whales were the same individuals seen in different locations. We did begin to see blue whales pooping, which we were very happy about, as some of the whales are a bit thin this season, just as they were last season. We also had a blue whale swim right smack under the back of our panga much to the joy and excitement of all aboard. One of our guests swears that at that moment she was using the facilities on the back of the boat and that she peed on a blue whale. I will reserve judgement on that claim but am happy to report it none the less.

One more week to go, and with a promise for a report at weeks end followed by a final report after we return home and process all this seasons data. We are hoping for fair winds and a few new individuals, and if the luck comes our way to continue our streak of 3 years in a row seeing orcas, as that streak is now in jeopardy of ending. But alas as we all know all good things do come to an end, which this season will do one week from today.

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