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Maximilliano Bello - Cop 26 Oceans Champion


   The GWC is thrilled to announce that our dear friend and GWC advisor Maximilliano (Max) Bello has been chosen to be the Oceans Champion for the COP26 Climate Champions Team.

The High Level Champions from last years COP25 which was hosted by Chile and the upcoming COP26 to be hosted by the UK (which were both selected by their respective governments) made a very wise choice in placing this important position in the hands of someone as capable as Max.

   The GWC has already spoken with Max, and it is our intention to help him to bring concrete and long lasting ocean conservation measures to COP26, and leave the UK with binding actions for our worlds oceans.  It is critical that COP26 brings great victories for our oceans so they can do their important job of helping to stabilize our climate, while at the same time giving a huge boost to global tourism and providing a healthy food source for much of humanity.


  We know very well by now that the abundance of health of the great whales play an important role in the health of both the oceans and the entire planet. In this spirit the GWC plans to work diligently to ensure that Max and COP26 will help the whales so the whales can help us all.

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