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Mz Blue at the First Annual Big Blue Whale Bash

GWC co-Directors Michael Fishbach and Gershon Cohen attended the first annual Big Blue Whale Bash in Redondo Beach, California, on Sunday September 8th. The bash, which was sponsored by the Redondo Beach Marina and the Cabrillo Aquarium, was a big success and sure to be the first of many blue whale Bashes to come.

Featured at the Bash was Mz Blue, our inflatable, life-sized blue whale, a lecture by well-known blue whale scientist John Calambokidis, as well as a whale-watch outing where participants saw blue whales one mile from the mouth of the harbor.

This was a grand event and GWC is planning to attend the second annual Big Blue Whale Bash next September. See attached photos of Mz Blue, some bashers, and Michael, Gershon and John Calambokidis at the Bash!

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