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Our 25th season in Baja has begun! – Baja Week 1

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Our Week one guests hailed from North Carolina and New Mexico.

We had a spectacular week in the villa out at San Basilio 25 miles north of Loreto. The place is gorgeous, remote, quiet, and in the kind of picturesque setting that is unique to the edge of this sea here in Baja California. We were all welcomed and well cared for by the staff and both Heather and Alberto’s cooking. It was quite something to live out on a remote piece of coastline in a place this dark and see probably as many stars at night as any of us has ever seen.

The winds were not very kind to us this week. So our whale census was limited by the fact that we could get out on the sea but could not find the usual calm waters we need to go where we want to go, which also make the life of the sea easier to find.

Bottlenose dolphins and fin whales pretty much made up our cetacean sightings. We supplemented those sightings with great hikes, fabulous snorkeling, kayaking in the glorious bay the villa looked down upon, visiting local petroglyphs, watching ospreys in their nest, and even taking burro rides into the desert. We had fresh tortillas made by a local woman who visited us a few times, and one and all had a relaxing and very fulfilling week.

I will only add that our 10 guests were wonderful beyond words, easy to please, happy to be in this place, and always stepping forward to make the week work smoothly. My hat goes off to each and every one of of our guests that together with us kicked off the Baja 2020 season!

Of course we do hope that when we return to this place in March the winds will treat us more kindly.

Please stay tuned as we see what kind of blue whale season 2020 will be as the winds allow us to move around for more hours at sea.

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