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We are back in our second home for season 24 here in Baja California!

All of our first weeks guests hailed from North Carolina save one from Pennsylvania.

We covered huge distances in our attempt to familiarize ourselves with the local sea conditions, find out where are the whales are and gain some level of comfort for the upcoming season. We found a great diversity of whales, far warmer water than to be expected in early February, and an overabundance of sardines, and what appears to be an under abundance of krill.

It all added up to seeing Humpback, Bryde’s, Short Finned Pilot, and for 2 days in a row a total of 8 Dwarf Sperm Whales, plus one young loner of a Grey whale (our first in 6 years in the Sea of Cortez). This young grey whale travelled a leisurely 11 miles in just over 4 hours, as we luckily saw it again later in the day, and were able to compare the GPS positions of the 2 sightings.

But there was a noticeable absence of blue whales. We are fairly certain we heard one breathe but we did not see one during the whole week, which for us is a rarity. The search will continue as we hope the blue whales will arrive this week.

Thanks for staying tuned and we will have a report to follow at weeks end.

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