Line Mckie a French seascape painter known as Saline (salty in French.)  She studied fine arts in Paris and also at Florida International University.

Strangely enough, she first discovered the ocean as a little girl through the magnificent writings of Victor Hugo, Joseph Conrad, Jules Vernes and other writers. 


In 2008, within 2 months, she found on the beach dead bodies of a cormorant and a Northern Atlantic gannett. Both had drowned while tangled in fishing nets. Such tragic encounters added to the disastrous reports about the state of our oceans, triggered her decision to help by donating the proceeds from the sale of my work to Great Whale Conservancy.


She exhibits her paintings in any place likely to be visited by ocean lovers and took great pride when the French Merchant Marine featured some of my paintings on its site


All proceeds from the sale of this painting are generally donated to Great Whale Conservancy minus shipping and insurance costs.

Whale in the Moonlight

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  • The Whale in the Moonlight was painted on a wood panel 76 cm x 50 cm.

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